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Vision & Mission


*Having a solid place in the global economy
*Contributing the international cultural and commercial cooperation.
*Creating employment and added value to our country.
*In the project management process, to quick decision making and applying it to field, according to documentation principles data and information analysis effective decision making.
*To creat environment that company employees could join completely in order to achive company goals and within quality principles, providing; creativity, productivity, team work and cooperation.
*To establish mutual benefit relationships with the suppliers in order to creat common values.
*To understand the needs of present customers, satisfying the customer needs and trying to give a higher service than the customer expactation.
*Respective to human and nature, safe, modern, functional and with the smart usage of aesthetic and technology satisfying the the needs such as office house etc.

*To build the future with the present values.


*In the right location, harmless to nature, investment based, expectation fullfilling and satisfying our clients that are going to use our areas for generations, at the top level.
*Working on concepts that solution oriented, trust and devotion.
* Creating llife spaces with honesty,accuracy and trust; solid, quality and comfort based, vision oriented aesthetic understanding and nature protected at the most.
*To continue creating strong structures by engaging speed and good workmanship and modern technology.

28 December 2015