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About Us

Kırımlı Construction is a firm that specialized on industry,housing,highway and infrastructure projects while having the mission of “Building projects that is improving the life quality of the people.”

The main differentiation point of Kırımlı Construction is caring about the social and environmental elements in their projects, as well as the construction and material quality.

Another core principle of our company is, finishing the projects as fast as it can be and on time for our clients to settle in their new houses. Keeping the solid trust between us and our clients is our another major principle.

Kırımlı Construction has a quality and customer satisfaction based trade and service understanding.
This understanding does not only include construction, but also aiming to cover the process of selling and service in the whole corporate dimensions.

To achive that, all of our eployees have to be responsible, accountable and being able to take inititative, while having all the knowledge and skills in their field.

Quality and service gains another meaning with the right price and cost policy. This is a responsibility that we care about our clients more than ourselves.

Clarity, Transparency and Honesty.. These are our fundemental characteristics that creates the trust between us and our clients. We are aware that we need to protect these values in our every projects and services.

28 December 2015